Zertz provides channels for better communication

Channels are the medium where ideas are filtered and designs are executed. Zertz team channels have been designed with attractive features that drive communication and increase productivity. You have the flexibility to categorize your audience and have various and multiple channels when using Zertz. 

For example, you could create a public channel if you needed to communicate to all organization members globally or if you wish to share information with everyone. Or, you could create a private channel for specific teams within your organization to share information that is only specific to a certain group of people—a channel each for finance, marketing, manufacturing, and so on. 

Communication is an integral part of any business or organization. To uphold this integrity, emails alone are not sufficient. Zertz is an advanced communication platform that brings together messenger, audio and video calling, screen sharing, whiteboarding, and many such features under a single platform, making communication more efficient and user-friendly. There are a few advantages of having channels, being:

  • Chat at one place- Every business requires a sophisticated tool to communicate with your teammates, brainstorm ideas, identify resolutions, and administer projects. Chat messengers are not just tools – they are a contemporary office. 
  • Manage your team- The owner can manage the notifications coming in by each of the members. The notification settings will receive alerts every time a status has been changed or updated and when a message is received. The group updated by the project owner would reflect in the notification list of every team member conversely.
  • Easily find and share documents- The Team Channel Project feature allows you to divide the requirements of a specific project into different categories. Helps in assigning privileged access to specific teams to access the documents and every information about the project they are associated with.

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