To Gain the Faith of Investors, Dr.Nowhera Shaik had launched the Defamation case against Shahbaz Ahmad Khan and Assadudin Owaisi

The Heera Group filed a defamation lawsuit for Rs 10 crore against Shahbaz Ahmand Khan, a resident of Hyderabad, and a Rs 100 crore lawsuit against Assaduddin Owaisi, which was accepted by the court for hearing in in order to safeguard investors’ faith in the company.Heera Group CEO Dr. Nowhera Shaik took the initiative to make an appearance before the court and mark the document that was presented as evidence against these two leaders. AIMIM leader Shahbaz Khan and Hyderabad MP Assaduddin Owaisi appeared at the City Civil Court with the assistance of their respective attorneys. Assaduddin Owaisi, the head of AIMIM, has been ordered by the court to appear before it on September 26, 2022. On October 18, 2022, Shahbaz Khan has been asked to appear.

“In an earlier occasion, we successfully pleaded before the Honorable Supreme Court through our lawyers that in a planned conspiracy against the Heera Group, misinformation campaign is being unleashed by these people with an intention of extorting money under their political game plan.” “This is not the fight of an individual but a battle against a conspiracy towards a prestigious institution. The days are not far when these people will surrender before the court and would be selling their properties to pay for the defamation of Rs 100 crore and Rs 10 crore. One of the conspirators is out of the country but soon law will catch up with him soon.” Dr.Nowhera Shaik stated. It is very wrong as well as heartful at the same time, In a country like India a women is trying make the country more Educated and developed and working the betterment of people of this country and few people are there who constantly trying to defame this woman.  Shaik also added,  “such falsity should never be taken lightly”. “Every woman of the country must fight against injustice and discredits”.

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