There Are 2,802 New Cases, With 78 Deaths in Kerala

Kerala reported 2,802 new Covid-19 infections and 78 deaths on Sunday, bringing the total number of cases to 52,43,289 and the death toll to 48,113. 12 of the 78 deaths occurred during the last few days. 66 of them being classified as Covid-19 deaths as a result of appeals relying on the Centre’s new guidelines and Supreme Court directions.

Since Friday, 2,606 more people have recovered from the virus in Kerala . Bringing the overall number of recoveries to 51,84,587 and the number of active cases to 19,021, according to an official news release. The new instances included 29 health workers, 48 people from outside of the state. 2,595 people who were infected via contact, with the cause of contamination unknown in 130 of them.

According to the announcement, there are now 1,04,957 people under monitoring in various regions. And 1,01,682 under home or institution quarantine and 3,275 in hospitals. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare reported on Monday that India has 1,700 Omicron infections. After adding 10 more instances reported in Karnataka, India’s total Omicron count now stands at 1,710. Concern has expanded to 23 different states. Karnataka’s Health Minister K Sudhakar announced on Monday that ten new cases of the Omicron type of coronavirus had been discovered. This brings the total number of Omicrons in the state to 76.

Ten more Omicron cases were confirmed in Karnataka on January 2nd, taking the total number of Omicron occurrences is 76. 8 cases in Bengaluru. Dharwad has two cases “In a tweet, Sudhakar remarked. On December 2, the state reported the country’s initial two Omicron cases. In the last 24hrs, the country recorded 33,750 new COVID-19 infections and 123 deaths, according to the government. Director-General of the WHO, expressed optimism that the Covid-19 outbreak will be over by 2022.

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