The importance of Zertz collaborative tools within organizations

Zertz, All over the world, you can witness a form of obligation to “virtualize” workplaces. It is to stand out from the competition. Also, it is sometimes to survive. The current pandemic is also forcing entire businesses to reassign themselves to their homes. Zertz offers the best of the lot here. Collaboration with employees, customers, and partners is done remotely. This could last several weeks or even months. Your “new” workplace is therefore inundated with new virtual tools, trippy, current, innovative. Each is with the promise of improving productivity. This is how companies have to equip themselves with collaborative tools. They manage the crisis, review their communication and learn to coordinate differently. But how can we use these technological solutions to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations? 

Here are some ideas that Zertz works on:

  • Launch and maintain a crisis command center
  • Support employees and organizational strategy
  • Maintain business continuity and funding
  • Strengthen the supply chain
  • Stay engaged with customers
  • Building digital capacities

Whether for customers or employees, crisis management involves making decisions related to the organization’s mission. It would help if you also dealt with increased pressure and exceptional attention to each action implemented. To thrive in this challenging environment, a collaborative platform, or a collaborative tool, centralizes the flow of information in a single channel of communication that will quickly lead to results. When faced with tough decisions, businesses have a better idea of ​​how they should go. Their digital transformation is, therefore, more consistent!

The intranet is, by definition, an internal digital platform that supports the processes and sharing of information, thus supporting employees’ daily work. Research shows that employees who feel a greater sense of connection to their business are much more likely to overcome the volatility that a crisis brings and help the organization recover and grow when stable.

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