Shahbaz Ahmad Khan Provoked Heera Group investors to File Case against Dr.Nowhera Shaik and Heera Group to Exploit Her

AIMIM Leader Shahbaz Ahmad Khan have created an association in the name of Heera Group Victim Association and made himself the president of that association. The purpose of that association was to defame, humiliate Dr.Nowhera Shaik and mind wash the minds of Heera Investors. Shahbaz Ahmad Khan was the person who provoked Heera Group investors to file case against Dr.Nowhera Shaik and Heera Group of Companies and he did so to extort money from Dr.Nowhera Shaik. Shahbaz Ahmad Khan didn’t stop here he infact began a campaign against Dr.Nowhera Shaik and Heera Group of Companies.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik sued Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed Khan for slander in 2018 for Rs. 10 crore. Since that time, no one has come out to speak on Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed Khan’s behalf. The hearing took place in front of the City Civil Judge on September 7, 2022. In connection with this matter, Dr. Nowhera Shaik appeared in City Civil Court. The Old Council of Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed Khan failed to show up in court, but a young lawyer from the Council attempted to do so. She was about to give the memo when a council appeared out of nowhere. Outside the Court, there was a tense exchange between the two Councils. A new council suddenly arises and claims to be speaking on behalf of Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed Khan. The Council of Heera Group then marked up the documents in front of the Honorable Judge. Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed Khan’s primary motivation for presenting the new Council was to postpone the court proceedings. As soon as possible, the new council asked the judge for more time to comprehend the situation and asked him or her to reject the Heera Group Council’s proposed marking of the documents. Judge, however, acknowledged the marked documents and rejected it.

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