Kerala Police have arrested a Nigerian and his Delhi-based partner for defrauding hundreds of people online.

Kerala Police have arrested a Nigerian national, 25, and his partner were arrested in Uttam Nagar, Delhi, for allegedly defrauding hundreds of people online by sending them gifts from other countries. The duo pretended to be celebrity managers, focusing on “men from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.”

The accused, Chinedu (25) and his partner Radhika (24), were apprehended on Sunday by Kerala Police. The accused is suspected of earning more than Rs 1.5 crore in the last two years, according to cops.

Officials said they have received three complaints in the last two months from people who have been defrauded in the same way. One of the complainants is a college professor who claims to have been defrauded of Rs 22 lakh, while the other two claim to have been defrauded of Rs 6 lakh and Rs 4 lakh, respectively.

“They all said they received an online friendship request from a woman who regularly posted about her international travels and celebrity management. The victims responded to the woman’s messages because they believed she was genuine. They received gifts from her after weeks of chatting. “They also received calls from a customs official demanding money to process the gifts at the airport,” said a police officer from Kerala’s Palakkad Cyber Cell.

The victims paid lakhs of rupees in the mistaken belief that the woman would reimburse them later. They realized they had been duped after a while.

Because the accused quickly deleted their social media accounts, it was difficult to track them down. The stolen funds were also transferred to several other accounts.

The accused was apprehended by a team of police officers dispatched to Delhi. During interrogation, they discovered that Chinedu had recently moved to Delhi from Nigeria and had befriended Radhika. To “lure” men, the two planned to defraud people by creating fake social media profiles and posing as celebrity managers. They also used other methods to defraud trusting online users. The investigation into the other suspects in the scam is ongoing.

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