Karnataka: More than 25 arrested in connection with Violence in Koppal

More than 25 persons were detained in Hulihyder village in connection with a fight that broke out between two clans in the Koppal district on Muharram, according to a statement from the Karnataka Police on Friday. “More than 25 people were taken into custody in Hulihyder village related to the violence which occurred at the time of Muharram. Investigation going on,” stated by Arunagshu Giri, Superintendent at Police, Koppal.


The SP also stated that there were two fatalities in the purported confrontation between two communities and promised that those responsible would face charges. “We will book the cases. We have come to know that two groups allegedly indulged in this incident, of which two people have died. And will file the First Information Report,”  SP said. “We have deployed the police and have asked to impose Section 144 in the area for seven days.” he added.

Pasha Walli, 22, and Yenakapaa Talavad, 60, both died from their wounds at the hospital. According to the Karnataka police, while another six people were said to have been hurt in the fight on Thursday. An dispute between the two groups started when a Hindu lad went to see a Muslim female during a Muharram programme, which led to the altercation. Following that, members of the two communities got involved and started attacking one another, which led to the violence. Further investigation is going on.

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