Hyderabad: 8 dead in major fire accident at e-scooter showroom

Late last night, a major fire that started at an e-scooter showroom in Secunderabad, Telangana, spread to a hotel on the upper levels of the multi-story building, killing eight people and injuring many more. Early findings indicate that the fire was started by a short circuit in the building’s basement, which the owner of the showroom used to store the electric scooters. According to sources, the short circuit allegedly happened while the batteries were charging. At least 22 guests were staying at Hotel Ruby Pride when the fire quickly climbed the building. When the incident happened, five domestic gas cylinders and a power generator were also positioned next to the electric scooters in the basement, according to officials.

“It appears there are 23 rooms in all the four floors in the hotel. The smoke traversed through the staircase from the bottom up to the top floor. Some people who were sleeping in the first and second floors came to the corridor through the thick smoke and died,”  remarked CV Anand, Hyderabad’s police commissioner. According to investigators, all eight of the victims appeared to have perished as a result of smoke asphyxiation. According to officials, the Fire Department used crane ladders to rescue a number of individuals, and several locals also assisted in the rescue efforts. Videos also depict several guests leaping from hotel windows in an effort to escape the blaze. According to Mr. Anand, the injured have been sent to various hospitals throughout the city for treatment, and the fire has been put out.

Authorities claimed that the building’s water sprinkler system was inoperative when the fire started; this claim is also under investigation. According to the police, a case has been filed against the hotel and electric scooter dealership owner. If he received permission to use the basement as a godown for electric vehicles, police are also investigating. Mohammad Mehmood Ali, the Telangana Home Minister, expressed his condolences for the loss of life and announced that an investigation has been launched to determine the precise cause of the fire.

“Fire brigade teams tried their best to rescue people from the lodge but due to heavy smoke, some people died. We are probing how the incident happened and a case has been registered,” he stated. In a tweet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered compensation of Rs. 2 lakh for each family member of a fatality and Rs. 50,000 for each injured person.

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