Heera Group Has a Statement Regarding the Paid Trolls

The Heera Group of Companies is slowly and steadily bouncing back. It had already started providing all the money of its Investors. Yes few investors have not received money yet but no worries due to some legal issues it is taking time. Over the past two decades, Heera Group has done a lot for its investors. From the past 20 years, many investors have made money. Compared to their initial investment, they have more. Not only this, as soon as Shaik came out on bail she started taking steps so that she could repay the money of her Investors as soon as possible, even she provided her 900 crore property for valuation to SFIO so that she could repay the money as soon as possible.

On social media and YouTube, there is a video claiming that Dr. Nowhera Shaik, CEO of the Heera Group, has fled Hyderabad and is currently at large. If Dr. Nowhera Shaik had to flee, why would she have produced the asset worth 900 crore to satisfy the investors’ claims? That is all we want to know from these people. Why will Dr. Nowhera go door to door in search of investment information? Why will Dr. Nowhera Shaik petition the Supreme Court to uphold the investors’ rights? Paid trolls who do not want Heera Group investors to get their money back are spreading all of this false information. Investors’ first error was to trust these kinds of false information and visit SFIO. Currently, all claimants must wait as their claims are pending in SFIO, and only God knows how long that will take.

When it comes to non-claimants and people that trusted Dr. Nowhera Shaik, they have already received a certain portion of their investment. Heera Group’s bank account is still frozen, and they are still awaiting their data. Heera Group and Dr.Nowhera Shaik did whatever possible from their end now it’s rest to the court.

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