For the past 31 years, a patient of Dr. M S Valiathan has called him on December 6th

Dr. M S Valiathan, Every year on December 6, renowned cardiologist Dr. M S Valiathan receives a phone call. K D Muraleedharan (69), a Thrissur Erumapetty native, calls the doctor every year to express his gratitude. Muraleedharan is the first person to have a heart valve replaced with a valve developed at Thiruvananthapuram Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology. The heart valve was developed and surgery was performed by Dr. M S Valiathan, the Founder Director of Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute.

The surgery took place on December 6, 1990. Muraleedharan’s doctor had instructed him to inform his future wife about the heart valve problem while he was undergoing treatment. Those who learned of his predicament refused to marry him.

Moreover After many years of research and hard work, Dr. Valiathan invented the heart valve. Within two years of Muraleedharan’s surgery, five medical colleges in the country had performed over 250 heart valve replacement surgeries. Following these advancements, people began to trust heart valve surgery. Currently, the valve gifted by Sree Chitra throbs in more than 1.5 lakh hearts.

Muraleedharan was 38 years old when he went to Sree Chitra for treatment after experiencing palpitations while walking. Dr. Krishnamanohar, Dr. M S Valiathan’s junior doctor, informed him that he would require heart valve replacement surgery. That’s when Dr. M S Valiathan suggested replacing Muraleedharan’s valves with valves developed at the medical college. Many others had previously rejected it, but Muraleedharan agreed. After ten years, he received a pacemaker as a result of the surgery. Muraleedharan, who worked in electronics service, was forced to resign.

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