Arvind Kejriwal Slams Congress in Gujarat

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, today took punches at the Congress party, saying,  “The Congress is finished”. The Aam Aadmi Party convener was speaking to sanitation workers in a town hall during a two-day campaign in Gujarat. Along with Congress, BJP was also being slammed by Arvind Kejriwal, he said, “trying to make Sonia Gandhi Prime Minister through the backdoor”.

The CM of Delhi also stated that his party would run candidates in every Gujarati seat. Meanwhile, if the Aam Aadmi Party wins the election in Gujarat, a state now ruled by the BJP, Kejriwal pledged on Tuesday to provide the residents of Gujarat a “corruption-free” administration. The national coordinator of the AAP stated that if his party won the upcoming Assembly elections in Gujarat, where the chief minister, ministers, parliamentarians from other parties, and government employees would all be subject to prosecution for corruption, they would all be imprisoned.

“Whosoever I met in Gujarat said there is corruption everywhere. One has to pay bribe to get a government work done. There is corruption at the lower level and at the top also there are scams. If one speaks against it, he is threatened…there is corruption and hooliganism everywhere in Gujarat,”  During a press conference at a rally in Ahmedabad, Kejriwal made the claim. According to him, the AAP government will ensure that every tax dollar it receives from the general public is used to benefit the Gujarati people. He added, “Today, I give a guarantee that when the AAP forms government in Gujarat, it will provide a corruption-free and fear-free government.”

In addition, Kejriwal pledged to look into the “scams” of the current administration, halt the “illegal businesses” of current ministers and government employees in Gujarat, and reclaim funds obtained through corruption so they can be used for the benefit of the general populace. “We will also open cases of paper leaks of the last 10 years and their masterminds will be arrested and jailed,” the AAP leader stated. “Whenever I visit Gujarat, people talk of different scams. All the large scams during their tenure (of BJP government) will be investigated and the money recovered will be used to provide good schools, electricity — for the service of the public,” he stated.

The people won’t be compelled to pay bribes in government agencies, according to Kejriwal, if his party is elected to power. Like it did in Delhi, the AAP government will set up doorstep delivery of various welfare services, he added. Kejriwal made a number of “guarantees” during his recent visits to Gujarat, including free energy up to 300 units per month, allowances for women and young people who are unemployed, free and high-quality healthcare and education, and the creation of jobs.

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