5 Dead as Rains Continues to Wreak Havoc in Karnataka

After a deluge and poor urban planning forced authorities to deploy boats, earthmovers, and tractors to help people wade through waist-high sheets of water and slush, a 23-year-old woman was electrocuted to death in rain-battered Bengaluru as the inundated metropolis struggled to get back on its feet on Tuesday. As rain started falling late on Tuesday, hindering efforts to pump out water from low-lying regions, and flooding apartment buildings and slum colonies, the government ordered schools to remain closed and instructed businesses to ask employees to work from home.

Akhila, the woman, was killed late on Monday night when she unintentionally touched an electric pole after her scooter got stuck because of the flooding in the Siddapura district, according to the police. Due to the excessive rains, four other persons perished around the state. Constables Mahesh Vakkarad and Ningappa Halavagalii, who were based at the Mundaragi police station in the Gadag district, were among those involved. On Monday, they were stationed in Gajendragad. They were swept away along a stream in the Koppal district, according to the police.

In a separate instance, 46-year-old Nagamma washed away on Monday evening in Hallikeri village in the Gadag district while coming from agricultural fields. Tuesday saw the discovery of her body.In the Haveri district’s Shishuvinahala village, a house collapsed on Tuesday, killing a 32-year-old resident. According to an eyewitness, he was sleeping in his living room when torrential rains caused the home wall to collapse on him. The second-highest September single-day rainfall in 24 years was recorded in Bengaluru on Monday, when the city received roughly 131.6mm of precipitation during a 24-hour period.The majority of India’s IT powerhouses are located in the Outer Ring Road and Sarjapura road area, which on Tuesday resembled brown lakes and caused severe traffic jams. Transporting people to their destinations, tractors roared along flooded highways. Visuals showed flooded thatched huts and opulent flats side by side as residents struggled through flooded streets to reach higher ground.

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