Significance of using a Screen sharing tool With Zertz

Significance of using a Screen sharing tool

Zertz, When you do a work-from-home video conference, one of the most engaging moments is screen sharing. Here is advice you need to do it without compromising your privacy and without exposing yourself. With Zertz, the options are opening up more than ever.

More people are working from home. The trend already existed, but the coronavirus pandemic has given it a considerable boost. Telework poses new challenges. One of them is the way is defined the border between personal and professional life. The search for that balance is also relevant in video calls with co-workers, clients, or suppliers. And it is that you are connecting with other people in your professional or work environment from a computer for personal use – be it yours or the company – and from your home.

Making a video call doesn’t mean you have to share a screen. However, there are different reasons why you have to. A picture is worth a thousand words. To explain yourself better, it will be necessary for the rest of the team to see you using software or a spreadsheet many times. This way, everyone will quickly understand your arguments, your observations, or your conclusions.

With Zertz

Do you have to train other people in your organization? Do you have to sell a product or service to potential clients? In both cases, you will most likely have to share a screen.

If you sell software or applications, what better way to put these products in value than by showing your potential client how they work?

With the pandemic, much business activity has gone digital. A good salesperson must know how to explain his product online. And, for this, screen sharing is a good tool.

If the computer you use to work is also for personal use, you must create a differentiated user for your professional facet.

If your desktop or laptop is for strictly private use, no one cares what wallpaper is shown on the desktop or the vocabulary of the folders you have there. It is also irrelevant which programs you have direct access to or which notifications you receive. Zertz offers the best here.

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