Pixel 6 launch date

Pixel 6 is Google’s version

Pixel 6 launch date, Google is launching the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, though it’s more accurate to call it a tease or a teaser. Rather than disclosing all of the information about its upcoming Phones, Google is focusing on the revolutionary chipset (SoC) that will be found within the Pixels.

The tensor is an integrated circuit, not a single processor. So, while it’s reasonable to call it Google-designed, it’s still unclear which components were created by Google and which were licensed from third parties. The rest of the components, such as the CPU, GPU, and 5G modem, remain a mystery.

The smartphones themselves are less mysterious. I invested about an hour at Google’s Lakeview campus days ago looking at mobile technology and talking about Rick Osterloh, Google’s technology chief, regarding Tensor. After all of that, my biggest takeaway from the Pixel 6 phones is straightforward.

Both Pixel variants were glassy sliders with suitable that could finally match with Lg and iPhone. He also admits that “it will undoubtedly be a premium-priced product,”. This I interpret as meaning anything costing more than $1,000.

An “ultra-high-end” phone

Google is simply revealing a few essential specs for each phone. The rest of the information is not out for the public– most likely in October. (And no, a folding phone or a watch are not part of this information.) During our encounter, Google also refused to allow us to capture images or videos of the gadgets. Whatever the situation may be, here’s what we do know:

There are 3 lenses on the back: a foundation of a new primary sensor, an ultra-wide sensor, and a flexible telephoto lens with 4X optical magnification. Google hasn’t revealed any details about the camera. We only know that the main broadening sensor captures 150 percent more light.

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