Why Nowhera Shaik Choose The Politics?

Politics It is not a choice for Nowhera Shaik, a fabulous entrepreneur, and businesswoman has won many hearts. In 2016, She chose politics as her career. Here in this post, You will find out why Nowhera shaik choose Politics.
Nowhere is different from other politicians in the country. In contrast to other politicians who always focus upon the wellbeing of people of her society, especially the women, She has her particular corner for women in her heart.
Nowhere shaikh joins the Politics with Mahila Empowerment Party, with the sole motive to assist women seeking justice. The main objective behind her Party is to strengthen the Women’s Empowerment of the region. The concern about women issues all over the country initiates Nowhera Shaik to form the All India Women Empowerment Party.

Choose The Politics:

This Party, Nowhera shaik, shows her concern about social problems Instead of her busy schedule in her business. At first, Nowhera shaik focuses on educating the women, strengthening themselves, and empowering women in her community. Nowhera shaik continues to fight for the right of women.

Why Nowhera Shaik Choose The Politics?
Nowhera Shaik

Although Nowhera aims to erase the gender inequality in society and immensely focus upon the prevention of Gender; biases and inequality in the community.

We can say that Nowhera Shaik always focuses upon the upliftment of the Woman in society, either to educate them or to focus upon providing them with the justice they deserve and prevent the superiority of males over females in the community.
With her politics, Nowhera Shaik focuses upon the welfare of the society by Women Empowerment, and for this; she always tries to equalize women to the man in the community. Moreover She tries to change the structure of her culture by brightening the future of women; in her society and improving women’s conditions in the country. She always uses politics in the best possible way to promote harmony in society.

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