V.M. Sudheeran quits from AICC, dropping Congress in Kerala into a new predicament

V.M. Sudheeran quits from AICC, On Monday, V.M. Sudheeran, a Congress politician, resigned from the All India Congress Committee (AICC). Sonia Gandhi, the Congress president, has received his letter of resignation.

When the AICC national secretary in Kerala, Tariq Anwar, was in town, Mr.Sudheeran escalated his feud with the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) leadership.

Miserable silence

Nonetheless, Mr.Sudheeran’s dismal quiet on the subject has sparked suspicion that he is on the verge of leaving the organization for which he has worked for decades. Mr.Sudheeran has stayed hidden in his home, avoiding the media.

When the Leader of the Opposition, V. D. Satheesan, phoned him on Sunday to ask him to reconsider his resignation from the PAC, he refused.

According to one version, Mr.Sudheeran was offended that the national and state leadership had disregarded his advice on organizational and political problems.

Mr.Sudheeran also expressed dissatisfaction with the KPCC leadership’s decision to choose DCC presidents without consulting him.

Divisions endure

Ramesh Chennithala, Oommen Chandy, and Mullapally Ramachandran, all members of Congress, have openly expressed similar sentiments.

The “triad” comprising AICC general secretary, organization, K. C. Venugopal, KPCC president Mr.Satheesan, and K. Sudhakaran, who allegedly called the shots in the party in Kerala, purportedly threatened the old guard.

Especially Some Congress workers saw Mr.Sudheeran departure from the AICC as an unmistakable message of dissent to the party’s national leadership.

Moreover It has brought to light the party’s profound divides and foreshadowed a fresh crisis for the state’s stumbling Congress. Mr.Sudheeran’s implacability worried the KPCC leadership, who thought he might voice his frustrations publicly.

Lone wolf

Mr.Sudheeran, a former president of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee, has a lone wolf reputation and has long been the ethical face of Congress in Kerala.

Although Mr.Sudheeran recently expressed his displeasure with Manmohan Singh’s neoliberal economic perspective. Instead, he advocated for a return to Nehruvian socialism, a political stance that may win him favor with the Left.

High stature

Mr.Sudheeran had established a name for himself as Speaker, Health Minister, Member of Parliament, and lawmaker. He has always raised his voice about environmental crimes such as black sand mining. On the subject of prohibition, he had the support of the Church.

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