TMC, AAP Banking On Anti-Incumbency Against BJP And Lack Of Trust In Congress: Goa Polls

Anti-Incumbency, An equal number of regional parties and eight national political parties choose to chase for power in Goa. This unparalleled chase started for the 40 assembly seats in one of the smallest states in the country. Even before the elections are announced. For the first time, this happened, where many national leaders came to the state to campaign for their parties. Goa is anticipated to go for the vote polls sometime in 2022. 

The TMC political party and the AAP are banking on the colossal anti-incumbency element the BJP party faces and the trust loss faced by the Congress Party. Both these parties have made a very boisterous entry into this big fight in the state. Prashant Kishore is handling the TMC’s election strategy.

The national spokesman for the TMC, Saket Gokhale, said, “The people do not want BJP in here. Also, they do not trust the Congress party after they handed over the people’s mandate to the BJP. “We came here to stay. The TMC party will be a permanent solution for Goa and not some other parties. 

Congress leader Chidambaramheld held a series of meetings with the party leaders and workers. He stated that the party needed to work hard to gain people’s trust. And at the same time, the party should not overlook the presence of TMC and AAP in the state.  

On the other hand, during his visit to the state, Delhi CM Kejriwal of the AAP party gave employment and electricity guarantees to the people of Goa.

Benedict D’Lima says that the disorder made by all the political parties needs to be cleared up. They have destroyed the state. We are dealing with a decisive issue that is drug abuse. Free flow of alcohol and alcoholics are everywhere in the state of Goa. The youth are wasting away their time. Corruption became an integral part. I think it may just be President’s rule again,” said D’Lima.

Every political party made promises. Only time will tell whether they will come true or not.

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