In Kerala, the LDF and UDF are instilling “unnecessary fear” among Muslims, according to the BJP.

LDF and UDF,Is BJP partial or biased towards Muslims? Do Muslims feel insecure in Modi’s government? Is it in the whole country or just in Kerala that Muslims feel insecure? Do you believe in the allegations by BJP that LDF and UDF are creating unnecessary fear?

In the run-up to the Malappuram Lok Sabha by-poll, the BJP claimed that the ruling LDF and the opposition UDF had focused on instilling “unnecessary anxiety” among Muslims about the Narendra Modi government.

The party stated in a political pledge that the win of P K Kunhalikutty of the IUML, a coalition partner of the UDF, could not be considered a political success, It is rather the result of communal forces’ backing.

On Wednesday, the state executive approved the measure.

Both the LDF and the UDF, according to the executive, aimed to create “unnecessary fear” among people in Muslim-dominated Malappuram by launching “anti-Modi” campaigns.

Even though Kerala benefited from most of the national government’s program, the two fronts allegedly attempted to stir up anti-Modi and misleading propaganda against the federal administration.

“They engaged in deceptive propaganda and cannot offer any creative criticisms of the central government’s programs,” the resolution stated.

According to the resolution, the CPI(M)-led LDF sought the help of “extreme elements” to overcome the IUML’s dominance.

“The United Democratic Front’s victory in the Malappuram Lok Sabha by-poll cannot be a political victory. The CPI(M) wants to work with sectarian groups to overthrow the Indian Union Muslim League’s dominance. 

According to the report, there are 1.75 lakh criminal charges in Kerala over the last eight months. It states that CPI(M) supporters killed 20 political opponents during that time.

The Kerala government and several banks are planning to create an artificial money crisis, according to the BJP executive.

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