In Kerala, Caste Based Statements Were Made to a Ph.D. Candidate

Caste Based Statements, The Director of Mahatma Gandhi University‘s Nanotechnology Center was fired on Saturday after allegedly making caste-based remarks about a Ph.D. candidate. Deepa P Mohanan, a Dalit Ph.D. student at MG University, is on a starvation diet since October 29. She claims that her doctorate courses have been stalled due to caste prejudice by varsity administrators.

Director Nandakumar was dismissed from his position as a result of a provincial government directive, according to the Vice-Chancellor. Previously in the day, Higher Ed Minister R Bindu stated that the provincial government has intervened to ensure that MG university officials stand by the student, consider the situation from her viewpoint, and address her issues appropriately.

“This is what we’ve discovered thus far. Deepa has been guaranteed by the VC that she’ll be ready to finalize her study with no social or technological obstacles. She’d have access to all required infrastructure, including a book, lab, and hostel. Her guide would be the VC himself. “Deepa was also receptive to these ideas,” Bindu remarked.

She went on to say that the High Court and the SC/ST commission had previously interfered in the matter in response to the student’s objections and that the government believed that the varsity should take steps to settle her petition as quickly as possible after reviewing these actions.

“The varsity has been requested to explain the difficulties they are having in examining the allegation after the alleged teacher was removed from his position. They may offer us with the information of any document needed for the proper if the problem is technological.” “The administration is worried about the health of the student.” I’m apprehensive. In a series of tweets, the minister stated, “As soon as we receive an answer from the institution, steps will be taken to achieve justice for Deepa.”

Bindu stated that if they move to replace the guilty teacher is still unresolved, officials will be specifically directed to ask the instructor to resign, and that students should take this as a guarantee from the government and halt the strike.

The 36-year-old scholar is now on a strike for access to resources she needs to finish her Ph.D., a change in her research advisor, and Nandakumar’s dismissal from the International and Inter-University Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IIUCNN).

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