Heera Group scam: how police are involved in it?

Heera Group, a private firm based in Telangana

 Was accused of a gold scam facing court. Dr Nowhera Shaik is the founder and managing director of the company, and she is a lady with a strong personality. But the police were never able to produce proof against the company, and now many people smell foul play in the case. According to the Companies Act, 2012, police departments cannot interfere in such a scam case. But in the case against Heera Group, police took charge of the case, which is suspicious. SFIO only has the right to investigate such cases. Serious Fraud Investigation Office ( SFIO) is an investigating agency working under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The agency investigates major fraud probes and coordinates agency with the Income Tax Department and the Central Bureau of Investigation. 


The police department didn’t seem aware of the rules and worked suspiciously in the Heera Group Scam case. Dr Nowhera Shaik points to ACP Anilkumar as responsible person for this grave mistake. She doubts his rights to arrest her and claims he is doing it out of the law. As an efficient police officer of respectable rank, he would not be mistaken but rather be under pressure to arrest Nowhera Shaik and file scam cases against Heera Group.

And there are no answers to why Acts 420 and 506 are registered against Nowhera Shaik. Act 420 deals with cheating and dishonesty, which includes the delivery of property. 506 is about punishment for criminal intimidation. No correct explanation is given for the addition of these sections in the case. The police department misuses the powers to wipe out a successful company from the market and silence a strong woman with all these cases. Nowhera Shaik argues that the allegations against her are all fake, which seems almost true by various facts like these. Let the judiciary be kind to Nowhera shaik , and truth should win. 

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