Heera group focused on bringing change

Heera Group: Focused on Bringing Change

The positive intention of the company is where Heera Group makes a difference. Heera Group believes in guiding the corporate world and the business environment towards a world without any interest. “We stand together, we succeed together, we strive together, we win together, and soon will attain a new pinnacle will attain a new pinnacle!” says Dr Nowhera Shaik towards the aspirational presence of a small new beginning. Heera Group is committed to treating its customers fairly and with justice.

The Heera Group’s humanitarian intentions

A serious attitude to extending a helpful hand to those in need exists. It has not only been a strong competitor in a wide range of markets by gaining significant market share, but it has also left an indelible mark of exemplary acts by demonstrating to other businesses that business and philanthropy can coexist.

It is a well-known fact that more than 2% of Heera Group profits went to advancing children’s education in India’s rural areas. It also promotes awareness about the importance of girl education in rural regions. Heera Residential School and Colleges is a testament to its benevolent generosity. With the help of Heera Group, its creator, Dr Nowhera Shaik, was able to turn her vision of empowering women into reality.

Heera Group has expanded its medical assistance and mobile clinic services. The Heera Group has donated many of its assets to COVID-19 isolation centres and is providing medicines to patients at their doorstep as part of this initiative.

Heera Group’s Business Strategy

Heera Group believes in long-term business growth. Because of this idea, they have become a significant business competitor not only in the domestic but also in the worldwide market. The popularity of Heera Group products, particularly in the Middle East, is a sight to behold. With a total workforce of about 25000, it has many clients from India and other nations.

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