Heera group- An inspirational journey

Heera Group believes in sustainable expansion of business. This principle of theirs had made them a vital business contender not only in the domestic market but also in the international market! When started heera group started, Heera Group first with little effort by Nowhera Shaik, she had infinite hurdles from all sides. She was criticized for trying to do something new and humiliated a lot many times for the ideas she considered for her business. Many said that Heera Group would not even last for few months, and she proved it wrong. Nowhera Shaik turned the stone into life with her impeccable efforts.

The Heera Group was an idea that was gradually shaped into reality by Nowhera Shaik. She went from one step to another and built her Queendom of desires. Rather than creating a vacuum with a façade of arrogance, she made a rock-solid empire of hers. She is one of the very few Muslim entrepreneurs in India where her company Heera Group property net worth is a whopping sum of INR 1,00,000 Crore. 

The strength of Heera Group lies in the structural planning and impeccable plans it has to offer to its customers. Additionally, there are numerous sections of Heera Group for a variety of products and services. From textile to building materials, the stark contraction in the type of products sold by Heera Groups has been quite ubiquitously active in several spheres making this company a pilgrimage for investors. There are multiple pockets for investments, and in actuality, more than 1.5 lakh investors from all over the world have their stake at Heera Group.

Nowhera Shaik has always been the ‘behind the lens’ person. Hardly anyone knows that she is the mother of 1000+ orphan kids whose entire responsibilities are undertaken by her. She firmly believes in a secular, safe and tolerant society for all.

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