CPM workers are against the leaders in Payannur because of the fish feed factory located in a party village

The residents complain about the smell from the factory, as they even burn incense sticks to eat food. They even informed several sources that, after a local CPM leader threatened a protestor for defaming Payannur’s MLA.

In Kannur, a group of CPM supporters protested against a polluting seafood company in a party village and mounted a public defiance against the local leaders after they allegedly threatened an agitator. CPM supporters from Kannur district’s Kankol-Alappadamba Gram Panchayat called the press conference and purposefully played threatening phone calls from West Alappadamba CPM local secretary T Vijayan. We were forced to call the press conference “due to the threats we received for our lives,” according to Joby Peter, co-convenor of the People’s Protest Committee. As informed, reaching out to the public with these kinds of threats does not appear safe and secure to the party leaders as the only protection they can afford. 

Kankol-Alappadamba Gram Panchayat is a CPM-controlled party with 14 wards. CPM leaders, call it a gram panchayat or a party village. One and a half years ago, Parayil Santosh Kumar set up Sagarpearl Seafood Products Pvt. Ltd. at Kariyap in the panchayat. The company manufactures fish oil and fish powders, which are used as raw materials in fish and cattle feed. The main source of our problems was the rubber-tapping worker, whose house was nearly 1.5 kilometres away from the factory. As he stated, the wind carried the revolting stench from the factory for more than 3 kilometers. The seniors puke, and the children have skin allergies. We cannot have food or breathe properly. We initially assumed that a fox or a wild boar had been killed, so the smell was enough for us to learn more about this scene later, as the residents informed.

The relevant departments must take the necessary actions in response to this widespread concern.

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