Another Top Leader From Congress In Kerala Joins CPM

Another Top Leader From Congress

Kerala, It is another setback for the Congress party. K P Anil Kumar, Former general secretary, on Tuesday, joined the CPM. The news of the day was dramatic. The former KPCC leader was kicked out of Congress. It was at 11.30 am. Then he joined the CPM at 12.10 pm. The CPM held an event for him, which included three members of the politburo. 

The State Congress leadership was strict in the decision. The party decided to expel the member. It was because the explanation provided by him was not satisfactory. Anil Kumar held key positions in the Congress party. KPCC (Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee) president K Sudhakaran stated that discipline is necessary within the KPCC. The same has been stated by another leader of the opposition, V D Satheesan.

Anil Kumar lashed towards the State Congress leadership during a news conference. In a statement, he claimed that the state leadership was acting in a repressive way. Moreover He questioned why there were no sanctions against senior officials who made similar accusations.

He claimed he was able to lead the State Youth Congress. Especially He also claimed he did that without succumbing to political pressures. Along with his fellow members, he played significant roles in keeping the youth in the party’s fold. 

In Kerala Joins CPM

Sudhakaran has admitted. He said that he was ready to talk with Sangh Parivar. Only one person with Sangh Parivar mindset can imagine of joining them. Anil Kumar asked Congress how the party was going to maintain democracy and secularism. It is because Anil Kumar accused Congress of letting Sudhakaran be the party head in Kerala.

He also accused K C Venugopal. It is about the recent crisis in the AICC. Venugopal is a crucial player in the current developments. He would like everything to be in his hands. The Congress is disintegrating. Anil Kumar was a vital leader of the party responsible for organizational affairs.

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