AAP: 8 year old party will contest Assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh

AAP: 8 year old party will contest

Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections: The AAP will run for all 68 Assembly seats in November 2022. After Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Gujarat, and Goa, Himachal Pradesh is the 6th state where AAP will be competing for Assembly elections. Ratnesh Gupta, the state in-charge of the Aam Aadmi Party of it, has stated that the party will contest in all 68 seats in the November 2022 state Assembly elections.

This will be AAP’s first appearance in the Assembly elections of Himachal Pradesh; where the BJP and the Congress have preferably possessed power for over 30 years. The Aam Aadmi Party opened their office in Himachal Pradesh on the 19th of September. Ratnesh Gupta, the state in-charge, inaugurated the office in the presence of local party workers.

Moreover Ratnesh Gupta said the party will contest for all 68 seats in the next elections in November 2022. He also stated that the Congress had lost support in the country, and the hidden conflict within the party surfaced; in Punjab when the Chief Minister resigned because of humiliation done by other senior leaders. He also said that the citizens in BJP-ruled states were not happy either. 

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Moreover Ratnesh Gupta said people were sick and tired of politics based on religion, and they wanted development. He said the party would come up with dynamic agendas during the upcoming Assembly elections in the state. EHe said the ‘Delhi Model’ of governance would be followed here. According to reports, the AAP will appear as a third force in the next Himachal Pradesh; assembly elections, contesting all 68 assembly seats.

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