Who Is The Owner Of Heera gold

Who Is The Owner Of Heera gold. Nowhera is the CEO and founder of Heera Group of Companies. Her brother Ismail and her sister Mubarak Jahan joined her as an employee to provide support and cooperation to Nowhera Shaik. With her life, work, and ideology, she is an inspiring figure for anyone in the country, especially young women. Nowhera was a dynamic leader and was highly successful in her business.

From the very beginning, Dr Nowhera Shaik understood the value of education. She noticed that all children, particularly girls, require education. A vibrant intellectual and a wise woman, she quickly realized the importance of healthy exposure for sharing ideas and knowledge.

Furthermore, about 150 students, 120 of them get free education considering their poor financial background.

Early Life Of Owner Of The Heera Gold:

In 2007, a residential school was set up in the village of Chandragiri for some of his father’s interest-free world. The property was sold.

Today, she runs schools in Mumbai, Surat, Belapur and other parts of the country. Nowhera Sheik funded the Tirupati school using a personal donation. However, the growth of the school and the rising cost of its maintenance have forced Shaik to look for other sources of income.

Although being a champion of women’s rights herself, Dr Shaik has always insisted that her students get a healthy education. Participate in social activities to ensure that they become better citizens of India. Also, it is this interest in the concerns and needs of the poorer sections of his society primarily led Dr. Shaik into the business world. But it still has the driving force behind its various business ventures. Her struggle in business and social service was not denied. He received his doctorate in philosophy from the Open International University, Colombo, Sri Lanka, as an educational qualification.

Who Is The Owner Of Heera gold (Nowhera Shaik).

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