Phenomenal updates from the Heera Group. The new political party has begun its work to bring about change in the state

When reaching a destination, many obstacles come in the way to make you cautious; crossing them leads to success-Nowhera Shaik

The CEO of Heera Group, Nowhera Shaik, formed the political party on December 12th, 2017, to empower women free of race, religion, language, colour, and many others. The principles of the political parties involved are for the benefit of the country. With the hard work of the youth and women in the Fatehpur taluk, the AIMEP party came into power in the Gram Panchayat elections held in Fatehpur taluk, Lathur district, Maharashtra.

With the support of the National President of the AIMEP party, the Maharashtra State Working President of the AIMEP party, Sunita Mohan Tupasoundarya, held a meeting in the Gram Panchayat office with all the supporters, leaders, and Gram Panchayat members to know the issues the people are facing in the state. Soon after the meeting, Sunita Mohan Tupasoundarya initiated the prioritisation of water management and education management systems. The Gram Panchayat members, accompanied by the surveyors, visited several locations to identify the water level and dug a borehole. Later, after 48 hours, the water level had been increased and the water issues in the Fatehpur taluk had been resolved.

The AIMEP party works for the people and for the development of the country, and many other things. The people, after resolving the water issues, were happy for the immediate actions taken by the AIMEP party. At present, the Fatehpur taluk is free of water issues. The AIMEP party will run in the 2024 elections across the country to benefit all people and everyone for the betterment of the work to be done according to the organized principles of the political party.

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