Only 35 Crore rupees has been found to be Valid by SFIO

Only 35 Crore rupees has been found to be valid by SFIO which means Heera Group will have to repay only 35 Crore to its Genuine Investors as per the verification of Complaint only 35 Crore have been encountered to be valid and rest is invalid according to SFIO. It is a moment of gladness and happiness for Dr Nowhera Shaik and the Heera Group. However, Some individuals with political motives attempted to defame her but were unsuccessful. They harass Dr. Nowhera Shaik and are linked to a specific political party. They also attempted to deceive a few innocent Heera Group investors, which led to the arrest of Nowhera Shaik. She was detained 27 times because of FIRs that may have been disregarded. Now the issue is raised as to why Heera Group was subjected to all of these atrocities for such a modest sum.


Before also when Shaik came back to work and promised to return all Investors money back. A few fraud cases of taking money illegally from Heera Group were coming up. Shaik made it very clear that only the genuine claims will get back their money as per SFIO. And that moment has come today. SFIO confirmed only 35 Crore rupees is needed to be paid by Shaik to genuine investors.

After all, just 35 crore rupees must be paid to investors by Heera Group following the verification and investigation by the SFIO. Serious Fraud Investigation Agency has been contacted by Heera Group complainants and unincorporated organisations (SFIO). Who is accountable for Heera Group losses? Only 35 crore rupee claims were determined to be valid. Who is to blame for the mental pain that Dr. Nowhera Shaik has endured in the past? Thus, it has been established that she is the authentic Indian lioness. Who has demonstrated to the entire world that women cannot be silenced.

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