On the Occasion of 76th Independence Day, Dr.Nowhera Shaik will hoist the Flag

75th Independence Day: Heera Group CEO Dr.Nowhera Shaik will be participating in the Flag Hoisting Ceremony at Heera Group Central Office, Hyderabad on the auspicious occasion of 76th Independence Day. This year India Completes 75 years of its independence and falls into the 76th year. On this day 15 August 1947, India got freedom and independence from the harsh and dominating Colonial rule by giving their sweat, and blood out and with lots of struggles.

76th Independence Day

The nation of India observes the 15th of August as a national holiday. Because it was on this date that India gained independence from the 200-year-long British dominion. Indian independence fighters, comprising all Indian nationals, sacrificed blood and sweat to free India. Establish India as an independent nation.

Heera Group of Companies is a company that solely works on an interest-free module. That means most of the profit earned from Heera Group goes for NGO and Charitable purposes. Dr.Nowhera Shaik had always wanted to see all women and girls of this country as educated and empowered women. She has her political party named All India Mahila Empowerment Party which leaves no place in helping women and children. Dr.Nowhera Shaik provides lots of medical, educational, and financial aid to people from an underprivileged, poor downtrodden section of society, especially women and children.

Shaik had done a lot for the people of this country. She had helped lots of people. She had empowered and educated lots of girls and women from the rural part of the country. Shaik truly believes that a country can only be developed and literate if the people of that country, especially women in that country, are fully empowered and educated. This is because a child first a qures any kind lesson from his/her mother than from anyone else.

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