Here is an information to all the claimed investors of the Heera Group

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On November 25, 2022, the CEO of Heera Group, along with their legal team, visited the Supreme Court of India to demonstrate the strong monetary evidence that went beyond the Apex Court’s minimum accountability criteria and presented the list of buyer’s credentials to the chief justice in a sealed envelope. The prime property of the firm out of 87 is well enough financed to clear all the settlements of the claimed investors. The claimed investors need not be worried, as their investments are safe and secure, either on the properties or in the bank accounts of the business organization. The prime land of the firm has been surveyed and investigated, and the buyers are making their presence felt from all over the state. Land buyers have complete freedom to choose any portion of the land. Certainly, the land is undeniably for sale and will be sold soon.

It is observed that most of the investors have kept their trust in the Heera Group and have not claimed their investments in the firm. According to records, only 3% of the 1.72 lakh investors claimed investments worth approximately Rs. 317 crores. The verification of the genuine investors is in progress. Most of the claimed investors have received their investments in the form of digital gold and other services from the business organization, but they are still claiming for their investments, which they have already received. The unclaimed investors of the Heera Group will receive their profits in March and April of 2023.

If the claimed investors had only waited a short time, their principal amount would have been returned along with the profits by now. But for now, the profits will be deducted, and the principal amount that was provided to the business organisation will be provided to the claimed investors. If they had not claimed a case against Nowhera Shaik, they might have been the permanent investors, benefiting all along with the firm.

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