Heera Group First and foremost priority is to retain trust of Investors: Dr.Nowhera Shaik

In accordance with the Supreme Court’s instructions, Heera Group has located one of Hyderabad’s premier properties and informed the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SIFO) of the Indian government. This information has also been forward to the Income Tax Valuation department. In order to repay investors and settle the payments, Heera Group CEO Dr. Nowhera Shaik took her team to the specified properties and had them valued.

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The SFIO estimates that the true obligation is not greater than 30 crores of rupees. “Thirty five thousand square yards will be enough to pay investors back. But if needed we can produced more prime property spread over about one lakh square yards,” Shaik stated. “The Supreme court had ordered to identify 87 such properties. But one of prime property is enough to clear all the claims”, Dr.Nowhera Shaik added.

Heera Group to regain the trust of their investors, supporters over the Dr Nowhera Shaik and Heera Group. Shaik wants to have a beautiful relationship with her Investors and customers which she had before. She wants to create the same by doing this. Shaik had made this point clear that only those investors who have produced proper legit documents will get their money back.

Only 507 claims totaling about 30 crores have been processed by the Heera Group till now

On their website, the SFIO had, however, published a list of 4574 investors, requesting that they claim their funds by presenting the necessary original documentation. During the investigation process, the investigating agency encountered about 1449 claims that were made several times that also without any appropriate documents. However, the rest of them are yet to claim their Investments.

Let keep in mind the fact that Heera Group is totally based on an  interest free business model. Shaik cleared that this step was taken to regain the trust of all her supporters and investors on her. She solely believes that her Investors, supporters and customers are always a part of her Heera Group Family. This will never change. Be it good or bad times, they will always support her and stand by her. Therefore, Heera Group’s first and foremost priority is to retain the trust of Investors.

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