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“The investors of the firm are relieved about their investments, and there is no doubt in receiving their claims.”

Trust in the Heera Group will always be there for its investors: Nowhera Shaik

The CEO of Heera Group, Nowhera Shaik, visited the ED on December 27, 2022, to showcase the strong financial proofs that are beyond the minimal accountability criteria and submitted the release of the attachments to assure the investments of the claimed investors are safe and secure. It is either on the bank accounts or on the properties of the Heera Group. The prime property of the Heera Group has been surveyed and investigated by the respective departments and is free of Enforcement Directorate restrictions. The property is for sale.

Many investors have already received their investments by the firm. Fake investors’ activities in claiming investments have been observed, and investors who have already received investments in the form of digital gold and other services are claiming them again. To have a transparent vision pertaining to the same, the verification process will be carried out on behalf of the claimed investors, who are required to visit the corporate office in Hyderabad and present the original documents provided by the firm at the time of investment, and as keep the Xerox copy for their reference. Then, if the claimed investor information is genuine and found in the records. The investors’ fund will be released. The verification process will be done by the firm’s expertise departments.

The investors who have not claimed their investments will receive their profits in March and April 2023. The CEO of the Heera Group is making all the efforts to clear the settlements of the genuine investors as soon as possible and has informed the concerned department to complete the verification process at the earliest possible, so that it will be easier to clear the investments of the claimed investors.

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