Greetings for 76th Independence Day from AIMEP and Dr. Nowhera Shaik

Greetings for 76th Independence Day from AIMEP and Dr. Nowhera Shaik to all the citizens of India, Heera Group investors, Heera Group family and also Indians who are living outside India. Dr. Nowhera Shaik CEO of Heera Group and National President of All India Mahila Empowerment Party wish the greetings of Independence Day 2022.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik

This year India completes 75 years of Independence from the Colonial rule and falls into the 76th year. On 15th August, 1947 India got Independence from the Colonial that also after lists of struggles, blood, sweat and sacrifices. To attain Independence India had sacrifice and let go of their Muslim brothers and sisters which lead to the partition and formation of Pakistan and later Bangladesh too.

Dr.Nowhera Shaik will take Cancer kids

However, this year Independence Day 2022 is very special. Dr.Nowhera Shaik have taken the responsibility to fill some moments of joy and pleasure in the life of a few Cancer Kids from Cancer Patients Aid Association. Through All India Mahila Empowerment Party Dr. Nowhera Shaik has organised an Airplane Joyride for more than 30 Cancer kids in her chopper. The kids have always dreamt of watching the view of Mumbai City from the top at Sky.

Shaik had taken the responsibility of this noble work and on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day. Dr.Nowhera will take Cancer kids. These from Cancer Patients Aid Association on a fun Airplane Joyride along with her. In her chopper gift them with bestest gift and joy of their life. The initiative is carry forward by All India Mahila Empowerment Party the campaign is called “Azaad Panchiyo ki Udaan”. However, This is not for the first time Dr.Nowhera Shaik is doing such nice thing like this. Shaik had always worked for the betterment of people of the Society. Previously Shaik had provided financial support to cancer patients family and aided them with medication and medicines too.

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