Aspire to be inspired like Dr. Aalima Nowhera Shaik

Her story is astonishing. Holding a pocket full of money also does not guarantee that your business is going to run on profits. Then it’s difficult to comprehend that without a single pie with an individual, does that person or business entity achieve the pinnacle of success?

The CEO of Heera Group was born in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Filling herself with dreams and working hard to meet them was the goal of Dr. Nowhera Shaik. In her childhood days, she had to support her family as a vegetable vendor to meet the daily needs, and she came to know the business strategies of all ages in supporting her family. She had to wait years after she began teaching students to save up enough money to start her own business. She founded a company in her twenties to provide superior products to the public while also assisting the poor and needy.

After several years of hard work, Dr. Nowhera Shaik formed a company called Heera Group in 1998, dealing with diverse fields like jewellery, textiles, mineral water, and tourism. The company used to trade gold from Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, etc. Being persistent towards the ambition to be achieved is the way to succeed, and this will be the perfect example of Dr. Nowhera Shaik inspiring everyone with the presence of her good works.

The CEO of Heera Group has also started the All-India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP) on November 12th, 2017, to empower women’s rights without any kind of discrimination, creed, or gender. The main goal of the organisation is to provide women with the freedom they deserve. We are grateful to have leaders like Dr. Nowhera Shaik supporting us. Thanks for sparing time to read this insightful information.

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