Parent Worship Day!!

Following Cow Hug Day, Parent Worship Day is becoming fervid in social media. This is seen as an explicit act of letting the younger generation realize the Country’s rich culture. It all started when the “Sant Shri Ashram Bapuji” announced February 14 will hereafter be celebrated as Parents Worship Day. Sant Shri Ashramji Ashram is located at Banashankari, Bengaluru in Karnataka. Bapuji is a spiritual revolutionary who is well known for his extensive knowledge of the Hindu Scriptures and his witty and intriguing way of preaching them. This announcement traces its origin to Gurukul, Ahmedabad on 14 February 2007 when Parents worship day was first performed where Children of all age performs a puja and worship them for their existence and their efforts in bringing up the children. Inspired by the Hindu god Ganesha worship his parents Shiva and Parvathi.  It has come again after sixteen years.

School and college students are encouraged to embrace the day as Parent Worship Day to understand what selfless love is. It is seen as a great initiative and is believed to change the recently conceived notion that February 14 is to be celebrated as Lover’s Day. This will mend the thought process of the youth whose mind has been cluttered by Western Culture. India is a country where it has huge importance to its culture. As an ancient adage goes, “Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam” meaning Matha- Mother, Pitha – Father, Guru – Teacher, Deivam – God. In India Mother and Father (Parents) are said to be revered before God. In a place where parents are given priority in the hierarchy, Parent Worship Day is believed to mend the culture that has been dilapidated.

It is shared on social media alongside Cow hug day and Say no to valentine’s day. Parents Worship Day is seen as Sanatana culture recovering its lost significance.

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