Why The New Drink ‘Mandakini’ Is The Answer Of Canada To Kerala Love Of Arrack

Why The New Drink ‘Mandakini’

Mandakini, The alcoholic drink Patta Charayam or Vattu Charayam attack or locally produced whiskey was prohibited in Kerala 23 years ago, yet it still has a following. The Excise Department seizes illicit arrack or its basic ingredients almost every week from all throughout the state. While some people continue to manufacture it at home for personal use, it is always done in secrecy. However, a snapshot of a fashionable bottle has lately gone viral on social media. Mandakini, also known as Malabari Vaatte, is an unaged sugarcane extract spirit produced and sold in Canada. The liquid within the bottle is described in five Indian languages, including ‘desi daru’ in Hindi and ‘Nadan Vattu’ in Malayalam.

Three Ernakulam residents, the new label in Canada is founded by Abish Cheriyan, his brother Elias Cheriyan, and Sareesh Kunjappan. The three have lived in the nation for over a decade. They are bringing the alcoholic beverage to market through Don DiMonte, a Canadian businessman with Italian ancestry who owns the popular Last Straw Distilleries.

Abish Cheriyan, who also works as a maintenance manager for another firm, told TNM that Mandakini became a reality after two to three years of testing. He emphasizes that, despite the fact that they are not spiritual experts, this product was created out of enthusiasm.

Is The Answer Of Canada To Kerala Love Of Arrack

After tasting several types of booze available on the market, his brother came up with the concept. Abish claims that when he was looking for work after arriving in Canada, one of his hobbies was experimenting with different liquors. He received his education at boarding schools. Eliyas, his brother, was the one who understood more about rural booze. People still consume them everywhere, even though they are illegal, he says. They had moments when they wanted to forget about the project once they started working on it. The three, however, overcame their obstacles and were ready to debut in August 2021.

They want to create a brand of bourbon that has a country flavor. According to Abish, they dubbed it Malabari Vaatte to give it a name.

Abish, who arrived in Canada in 2005, struggled to make ends meet by doing various occupations. He’s worked at an insurance company, studied mechanical engineering, and even worked in fashion. But he never imagined himself in the booze industry.

Even during weddings in Kerala, Abish remembered, native arrays were provided. They were high-end liqueurs made with spices and fruits. Vaattu is distinguished by its usage of cashew fruits, pineapple, and grapes, among other ingredients.

The items were ready for sale on August 27, but they couldn’t be sold in liquor stores since they didn’t have a license from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. For the first several years, all sales were made straight from the distillery.

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