Why Nowhera Shaik Got Arrested?

Got Arrested Nowhera Shaik. The Honest Politician and The Fabulous Business woman always tries her best to devote herself to helping others and aims to establish harmonious relations with all other people.
She was brutally dragged into Jail and got arrested due to the Ponzi Gold scheme case; under this scheme, the Nowhera Shaik, the Heera group her company assured to give a 35% hike on the investment per annum. This scheme ensures a high profit to the investors. In this scheme, approximately 1.72 lakh investors have shown their faith and invested their amount to earn money.

When she was arrested, no charge was filed against her as a culprit, and she was arrested without prior notice.
She was released by paying 5000 crores to the court.

Why Nowhera Shaik Got Arrested:

Even The total number of victims in the FIR was 20, and the full payment was less than one crore, as stated in the FIR, for which Nowhera Shaik, Heera groups paid five crores at the Session court of Telangana as a guarantee. If the Telangana High Court had chosen to, it would have reimbursed the consumers (victims). It is genuinely injustice done by the high court.

In 2018, She was arrested because of some of the political rivalry. It was a controversial plan to stop herself from contesting Telangana’s political elections, as per some sources. Heera Group of companies was serving the people since 1998; Since then, nobody had found fault in the work of Dr. Nowhera Shaik, Heera group, and recently, when she entered politics by Her party. Most people eager to let her down and spoil her reputation. It more seems like political rivalry than a scam case.
Despite being arrested and dragged to Jail, she was confident and remained positive with a feeling of serving humanity.

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