Why Dr Nowhera Shaik Founded Heera Group ?

Founded Heera Group With A Moto By Nowhera Shaik began a vegetable company with a few pals, gaining confidence and trust by distributing profits. She grew her circle of friends, and she even created a little gold jewellery rotation business. She struck the correct business chord, and she began to make considerable money. With this, she got the motivation and worked harder to help the people and society. Dr Nowhera Shaik founded Heera Group to address the rising costs of girls’ education during the early days of her educational mission. Heera Gold Exports and Imports was her first venture into gold exports and imports. Revenue of the business goes to a noble cause. It takes care of the girl students’ books, school clothing, and lodging fees, among other things. It was crucial because the youngsters were from low-income families.

Heera Group, founded in 1998, by Dr Nowhera shaik is now a group of 20 firms involved in a wide range of industries. Which including food exports and supplies, gold, investment, textile, jewellery, mineral water, granite, tours and travels, real estate, electronics, and e-commerce.

Her company has grown to provide products and services to over 50 nations in only ten years from its inception. Heera Group is now a successful conglomerate that employs hundreds of people in Andhra Pradesh, India, UAE, China, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, and Canada.

Dr Nowhera Shaik’s goal is to build a culture and a country that works for all its residents, regardless of external circumstances. She believes that the purpose of business should be to give back to society rather than create profits.
Dr Nowhera Shaik’s principal project is titled “Saluting the Nation’s Guardians,” and it attempts to help the family of a martyr. Its purpose is to assist the wives and children of soldiers who died in the line of duty.

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