Why All Girls Should Take Lessons From Nowhera Shaik

All Girls Should Take Lessons From Nowhera Shaik, many people know this famous face nowadays. Nowhera Shaik played a huge role in many women‘s lives. She is the founder and CEO of Heera Group of Companies. A leading Indian woman entrepreneur, she is a live example for many ladies.

Subsequently, her undying attitude has become the strength of many women. Dr.Nowhera Shaik’s followers called her an Iron Lady because of her courage, resilience, persistence, and ethics. Nowhera Shaik is an inspiration to many ladies.

All Girls Should Take Lessons From Nowhera Shaik:

Why all girls should take lessons from Nowhera Shaik.
Nowhera Shaik

Dr. shaik became a frontrunner in women’s empowerment. Our strong lady believes that men and women in independent India should be on equal footing. Nowhera Shaik always focused on women’s empowerment through her educational and awareness programs focusing on women’s rights.She wanted to empower women enough to help them shape their destinies. And which defines giving women the power to redefine outdated gender roles and grow however they want.

Her life and activities are a testimonial to what women are capable of and for people who are locked in their immediate circumstances from realizing their dreams.

In this direction, the most important initiative has been the Islamic Business Group under Heera Group, which imparts professional and vocational skills to women to make them self-sufficient. Muslim women have particularly benefitted from the Islamic Business Group. This new approach has given them an opportunity to stand next to the male on the same floor and be self-supporting.

In the nineteenth, she completed her study. Many women then sit there, but she fulfills her dream. She then started teaching to 6 girls. And slowly it becomes 300 students. Her dedication never leads her to stop. 

Especially Nowhera Shaik is a single mother. But she never stops. Nowhera Shaik provides all the needed things to her children. And she always stands by everyone’s side who isn’t able to speak for own self.

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