Who said through adversity comes strength

Who said through adversity comes strength. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has triggered a catastrophe in India, with thousands of stranded residents, notably students, trapped in the battle zone. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is once again leading from the front to guarantee that Indians are quickly evacuated from the conflict zone. PM Modi wasted little time after the war broke out, placing the Ministry of External Affairs and other ministries on high alert to carry out Operation Ganga, a multi-pronged evacuation exercise.

Response teams from the MEA and other ministries were in place within hours, with top officials in New Delhi directing Operation Ganga, as well as in Kyiv, Lviv, and Chernivtsi in Ukraine. The MEA also sent teams at the Warsaw, Shehyni-Medyka, and Krakowiec border crossings in Poland, the Zahony/Kipp Tysa border crossing in Hungary, the Vyse Nemecke border crossing in the Slovak Republic, and the Suceava border crossing in Romania to speed up the evacuation process.

Thousands more people are awaiting evacuation from Ukraine’s neighboring countries, and the Indian government has ramped up its efforts by adding more flights to “Operation Ganga” in the coming days. Hardeep Puri, Jyotiradiyta Scindia, Kiren Rijiju, and V K Singh, four senior ministers, are traveling to Ukraine’s neighboring nations to oversee the evacuation mission and assist stranded students and citizens.

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine have grown in recent months, the authorities began collecting data on Indians living in Ukraine in January. The Indian embassy in Kyiv established contact with 19,763 Indians living in Ukraine, with a particular focus on student contractors.

The Indian embassy issued a strong warning on February 20 with the expectation that the situation would quickly deteriorate. India’s government reacted quickly to the unfolding scenario in Ukraine. The air bubble limit was raised, and special flights were launched as a result. Three flights landed under the air bubble between February 20 and 23, a day before the crisis began. 4,000 Indians had returned home by that time. The goal now shifts to ensuring the safe return of all remaining Indians.

In times of crisis, the PM’s quick response and precise planning have once again demonstrated that the proverb “cometh the hour, cometh the man” remains true for Modi. In addition to the Vande Bharat Mission, which was initiated on a global scale to bring back Indians who were trapped abroad as the Covid outbreak shook the entire world, India has completed some of the most difficult evacuation drills in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria under his leadership.

Rescue missions in crisis and critical situations necessitate exceptional diplomatic skills, meticulous planning, and successful execution. India has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to conduct international rescue missions. PM Modi has always shown extraordinary compassion and empathy when it comes to preserving and securing the lives of Indians, and he has always sensed the people’s sorrow and suffering. This is why, when it comes to dealing with emergencies and emergency circumstances, he acts so quickly.

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