Who Is Nowhera Shaik

Who Is Nowhera Shaik, the founder, executive chairperson, and CEO of Heera group is one of India’s most-followed businesswomen and entrepreneurs. In addition to running a successful business, Nowhera Shaik is a staunch women’s rights activist and philanthropist. Nowhera Shaik has helped everyone, especially women, and has never been administered in serious need without discrimination of Religion, race, or caste. Shaik started a political party called the All India Women’s Empowerment Party (MEP).

Early life Of Nowhera Shaik:

Nowhera Shaik was born to Parents Shaik Nanne Saheb and Shaik Bilkis on 21st Sep 1973 into a modest family. She is the daughter of a religious leader who led prayers in a mosque near Tirupati. Though her ancestors of Nowhera Shaik were very successful businessmen, still she faced lots of difficulty at a young age. For that reason, she loves and values her culture and values.

As she is the eldest among six siblings, she faces many challenges in her life. She used to sell vegetables with her mother, and she also went to school.

From her childhood, Nowhera Shaik expressed deep concern about the oppressed people of her society, especially the women of the community. Her public engagement with those people comes from a very early age, 19. That proves how focused she is on the betterment of others’ lives. She started her career in education at the age of nineteen as well. Nowhera finished his schooling and started teaching in a madrasa at that age. She started giving education related to Religion and scripture to only six girls and became a service-based educational institution established in 1998 in Tirupati town. Since then, she has become an inspiration for those women who dream of becoming self-reliant. This kind of interest in the concerns initially led her to the business world. Despite being born into an established business family, She stepped into the subtleties and complexities of the corporate world at a very young age.

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