What is Bulli Bai and Sulli Deals?

What is Bulli Bai and Sulli Deals? The auctioning of Muslim women, first on Sulli Deals and now on Bulli Bai, is terrible, and we must all work together to ensure that it never happens again. Finding the app’s creators does not guarantee success. Creating a system to track, report, and block future revisions of this app fulfills this need. It’s important to understand that a suitable mechanism for barring this program from popular web platforms is only a temporary technical fix. It may limit the app’s circulation, but it will do little to solve the significant societal issue that has resulted in this horrific market for targeting Muslim women.

We have a problem with a few active bad actors and many passive ones. People who were actively aiming to attack not only the individuals listed but also Muslim women as a whole wrote and circulated the code. Others, though, were participating. Everyone who witnessed it and did nothing about it. Everyone has such a dehumanized perception of Muslim women that these auctions seem like a joke. If we’re being honest, the passive bad actors also include their larger social circles — everyone who contributed to the dehumanization of Muslim women by supporting individuals who spoke disparaging things about them. We’ve focused our attention on the active bad actors, as well as the platform GitHub, where they publish their heinous tool.

So far, internet conversations regarding damaging speech have centered on sharing communication. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube have been the subject of debate for over a decade. They’ve created sophisticated methods for identifying and removing hazardous information over time. This includes ways for you and me to report damaging speech, as well as procedures for law enforcement to order the removal of illegal content. There are also extraordinary measures for clearly and very destructive communication, such as child abuse media, that ensure that this content is removed as soon as feasible. This content is usually readable by a wide range of people is crucial. They struggle when a conversation occurs in languages that the platform’s content moderators are unfamiliar with. The content on GitHub is code. However, it is working on more advanced content control.

A platform that allows people to share code has a lot of value. You realize the benefit of drawing on what others have learned and contributed if you conduct any kind of intellectual work. As we all know, code can create both beautiful and dreadful things. Malware is a type of software. However, the app I type this essay and the app that plays music while I type are both made of code. The question is how to prevent repeated copies of Sulli Deals and Bulli Bai from being disseminated on an otherwise valuable site. Part of the problem is that neither you nor I can read code, any more than most Americans born and reared can read Bangla. GitHub is a niche site that is not easily accessible or understandable to the general public.

In the immediate term, we should concentrate on finding a means to ensure that any future revisions of this code are automatically disallowed by GitHub.

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