What exactly is the Heera Gold Scheme of Heera Group of Companies?

What exactly is the Heera Gold Scheme

Heera gold is the name given to Nowhera shaik. She was born in a middle-class family. She is the daughter of a priest. In Tirupati’s mosque, he led the namaz. She is the oldest of a family of six children.

Nowhera had spent her entire life aspiring to be an entrepreneur. She began by assisting her parents in the sale of vegetables. This was her first entrepreneurship lesson. She then began buying and selling used clothing.

Especially It was a watershed moment in her business career. Teacher Nowhera of the Madrassa met a lot of village women. Nowhera would buy jewelry from a jeweler and sell it to other village women. It was her Business Module that she was talking about.

of Heera Group of Companies?

She founded a women’s investment group in 1997-1998. She would distribute the profits to all members of the group regularly. Nowhera established a company to expand her business after the business module was successful.

Especially Nowhera named her first company “Heera Gold,” and it was established as a Private Limited Company in 2012. The company’s main goal was to empower women and give them financial independence.

Although Investors in the Heera Gold Scheme can expect returns of 36 percent to 42 percent on their money. More than 1.72 lakh people from all over India have invested in the Heera Groups.

Moreover This scheme grew in popularity, and it benefited a large number of people. Many low-income families received regular income in the form of interest as a result of this scheme. Many people from all classes and communities gradually joined the scheme, and the regular income source overwhelmed them.

Although The Heera Group’s products and services were a hit with customers. Customers’ trust in Heera Groups grew over time. Since their inception, Heera Groups have gradually generated high income.

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