Violence Against Marginalized Community

Violence Against Marginalized Community. Not everybody would agree on this, but violence against the minorities has been a constant. Some might just argue over the fact that it is not dutiful on Nowhera Shaik to talk; about minority violence in this auspicious time of Ramadan. But she is helpless as she has recently mentioned. It is her right to talk about the current scenario that prevails here in India.

Over the last few weeks the way Hindus and other first categories of religions tried to sabotage; the festival of Ramadan is something very shameful. The leaders of the nation need to know that if these types of nuisances; continue to happen then the future of living alone is not very far. Indians by the laws of construction are living in a democratic space; but are they maintaining the Principles upheld by the constitution.

A few days back one of the greatest educational institutes of the country faced the greatest attack; for the choice of food. The students who faced such heinous things had never used to stop; someone from the majority of the people from practicing their rights. It is essential to point out that the majority of the people. Were from the goons. Now the people who stop a group of innocent students from practicing; after were doing this because they wanted to celebrate their religious program.

Nowhera Shaik About Violence Against Marginalized Community:

In India before the implementation of law and constitutional rights the thing that gets materialized is violence; how Violence diminishes everything that is a big thing. People have taken the minorities for granted which is why every time it is easier to execute attacks on them; vandalize their existence and even do some unconstitutional practices on them, which seems to be criminal.

The word criminal carries a relative narrative, as criminal does not hold; any struct definition or does not belong from a particular domain. As Shaik had mentioned in Modern India we are the demons and the criminals; to the other majority of the people as we share different religious status and practice different rituals.

If in today’s India students face death attacks just to eat whatever they feel to; then all the charm and Sparkle of Foreign summits and conferences hold no value. The value just vanishes within the very seconds after such brutal attacks.

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