Victory For Dr. Nowhera Shaik And The Heera Group Family


Victory Of Nowhera Shaik, At yesterday’s hearing on the case of her, the Supreme Court took decisions on the side of her. It is good news for the whole Heera Group family, including the employees, investors, and poor people who are aided by the Heera company. Many people who are true believers and have never lost faith in Heera Group were relaxed and satisfied after yesterday’s hearing by the Supreme Court. 

The Supreme Court has ordered SFIO and all other departments to unfreeze all the Heera Group accounts and give them proper access. All the accounts, properties, and data of Heera Group and Her’s were frozen by the SFIO and several other departments. Due to these issues, the company had to face a large financial loss. Also, since all the data was seized, payments to maximum employees and investors were delayed. 

And The Heera Group Family

After the hearing in the Supreme Court, Heera Group finally got the time to relax. Nowhera Shaik said, “The Heera Group is sorry for the disruption. But we were helpless in front of the department. Once the above things are done, then investors and employees of the company will start getting their money back soon. All the members of Heera Group will get paid. Now, whether the investors still believe us or not, but they’ll surely praise the company for its honesty after we clear all the dues. The Heera Group will rise again and reach the heights.”

The Supreme Court has ordered SFIO to take all the compliance of Heera Group. The department asked for custody of the company’s data for more than 6 months. After hearing the problems that her and Heera Group were dealing with, the Supreme Court decisions got inclined towards the victim. Yesterday’s hearing proved that the justice system is still alive.  

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