UDF loses control of the Kottayam municipality

UDF loses control

UDF loses control of the Kottayam municipality, 8 BJP members supported the LDF due to which the Congress-led UDF was uprooted in the Kottayam municipality in Kerala. Ten days ago, the United Democratic Front lost its first power in Erattupetta.

Despite several disapprovals against Mayor Bincy Sebastian, the Left Democratic Front received 29 votes on Friday. All eight councilors of the BJP are included in their votes.

 The municipality consists of 52 members. The LDF and the UDF have 22 members each, while the remaining 8 belong to the BJP. LDF on Friday came to power in the community through the lotto.

K Anilkumar, a member of the Communist Party of India district committee, conveyed his message via reporters that despite funding, this was a community that had no communal kitchens during Covid19 and is the only community in Kerala managed by the UDF that did not implement the Life Mission housing project. 10 days ago, they lost the election. The UDF came back.

OF the Kottayam municipality

But this time they were overthrown by councilors of the LDF, which are supported by the people of Kottayam. In the meantime, he also showed support for LDF by expelling UDF. Anilkumar R. R., a BJP councilor from the Temple Ward of the municipality informed us that his commitment to join the LDA was authorized by a higher authority. He also said in the last 9 months, no development projects were carried out by UDF. The BJP is just representing the sentiments of Kottayam people. He also said that the party’s higher authorities will decide on the course of action to be adopted by local units.

VD Satheesan, the Leader of the Opposition, has responded to the CPM by saying that to weaken the UDF, they are willing to make a deal with any devil. They will never shake hands with any communal party for the shake of power.

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