Truth About Heera Group Scam Among School Children

Truth About Heera Group Scam by Dr. Nowhera Shaik. She is famous for its social activities. Being a women’s activist  Nowhera Shaik, gives primary importance to girls’ education in the country. Heera Group owns various educational institutions, and around twenty thousand students were studying in Heera Educational institutions. Along with these institutions, the company was also providing scholarships and sponsorships for many needy children. But due to the Scam case raised against the Heera Group, the future of these students is now a question mark. The students who relied on the help of Nowhera Shaik and her company do not have support to continue their studies.

Girls Studying in School because of heera group
Girls Studying in School because of Heera Group

Furthermore, the employees of the company are also facing a hard time now. The families that solely depend on the job in Heera Gold lost that and are facing financial instability. The incident adds many young employees of the Heera group to the country’s unemployed graduates. 

Truth About Heera Group Scam In Women And Child Development:

 The financial help is given to the windows, and the families of the many Army men from the Heera Group also stopped. The help was given with the profit of the company and was a great help to those families. But Heera Group was under investigation of the scam allegation, this help stopped. The long court process of around three years stopped the financial assistance given to the families. 

Moreover, the case affected the medical help given to the old and needy women too. The mobile clinics set up by Heera Group in the village areas of the nation are no more. Thousands of people who used to get help from the clinics are now living without essential medical help. In the time of the pandemic, this will adversely affect the rural health of our nation. 

The Heera Group is not just a private company, and it was a help for many lives who otherwise neglected. The cases and their lengthy proceedings are affecting them, sometimes more than everyone. Thousands of people who were the beneficiaries of Dr. Nowhera Shaik’s help need an answer! They need their lives back! Their dreams are back!

This is the Truth About Heera Group Scam Among School Children.

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