Trans Parents

After years of struggle, the transgender couple gave birth to their child at Kozhikode Government Medical College Hospital on 08.02.2023. The world welcomed the baby with applause yet the parents Ziya Paval and Zahhad Fazil are censured. Being the first transgender pregnancy in India it is the talk of the town and conspiracies regarding the news spreading like wildfire.

Can a transgender get pregnant?

Women who have been through hormonal treatment with a retained womb or Uterus can give birth. On the other hand, a man who has been through hormonal treatment can get pregnant with an implanted uterus and donated and fertilized eggs. 

The story of Nick and Bianca ( Transgender Parents)

In 2014, a couple, named Nick (born a woman), and Bianca ( born a man) gave birth to two baby boys. I found myself trapped in my own body, said Bianca in an interview. The couple went through artificial insemination to get pregnant. They announced their gender assignment to the world in 2015 on a news channel. They claimed they are no different than anybody else. Nick ( Nichole) who birthed the kids stated the pregnancy period was the darkest phase of his life. 

Ms. Ziya Paval and Mr. Zahhad Fazil

The couple Ziya Paval and Zahhad Fazil are the first transgender parents who birthed their first child on 08.02.2023. It became a sensation when they posted a picture of them showing the baby bump announcing they are expecting. The image broke out and received comments from all over the country. 

Indian Union Muslim League MLA Dr. Muneer claims that transgender pregnancy is void of truth and Zahad who birthed the child is born a woman and has her organs operated on to become a man. Further added the concept will only be believed in Fool’s land.

Amid the censures, the couple succeeded in their journey. They appealed to the Government Medical College Hospital for their names to be addressed as Father and mother on the birth certificate, referencing the Transgender Persons Act 2019, the provision of rights of transgender persons. The couple is yet to face many complications since this is the first-ever transgender pregnancy case in India.

Why not perceive them with an open mind? Why not accept them with open hands? Why not acknowledge the fact that they too are fellow human beings with an implanted set of genitals?

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