The oldest student in Kerala, Bhageerathi Amma, passed away.

Does education have any age? Is your willpower not enough to keep you going? If you want to learn, can society stop you? Could age be a factor when a woman wants to complete her education? In a country where education for women was very unimportant, this lady proves everything to be wrong. The Bharatha Nari Shakti grant victor Bhageerathi Amma, (107) local of Prakkulam in the Kollam region, passed away in the morning. Known as Kerala’s most seasoned understudy,  Bhageerathi Amma had breezed through her class 4 assessment examination led by Kerala education mission with 75% checks and scored 100% imprints for mathematics a time of 105. She was planning to go to her seventh standard equivalency examination this year.

In her Class 4 exams, she got 100% imprints in Mathematics. She was planning to go to her seventh standard equivalency assessment.PM Narendra Modi additionally saluted her on his radio program Mann Ki Baat for her instructive accomplishment at such a late age. PM Narendra Modi had before saluted her in his Maan ki Baat program for her achievement. Bhageerathi Amma had cleared her fourth standard equivalency assessment at 105 years old. In the test directed by the Kerala education mission, She passed with 75% imprints in her final examinations of Class 4. 

Bhageerathi Amma needed to leave formal instruction at nine years old and restore her fantasy to learn later. For the last month, Bhageerathi Amma had been confronting age-related ailments. She was encountering medical problems identified with advanced age for one month. Bhageerathi Amma was a mother to five youngsters and grandma to 13. She took her final breath at 1:55 am on 23rd July, at her home in Prakkulam in the Kollam area.

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