Supreme Court Rejects Plea Against Central Vista for Veep’s Residence

Supreme Court Rejects today dismissed a petition alleging that the Central Vista Redevelopment Project. It will have an impact on a “public recreational” zone, emphasizing that “everything can be criticized, but constructive criticism is required.”

“There isn’t any private property being developed there. The Vice President’s residence is currently under construction. Greenery is almost certain to be present. Unless you’re alleging malfeasance in the process, the plan has already been approved by authorities “During the hearing, Justice AM Khanwilkar made a series of stern remarks.

“Will we start asking the general public now where the Vice President‘s residence will be?” Moreover, he inquired

The project entails a 20,000-crore makeover of a 3.2-kilometer stretch in the heart of Delhi; Which was designed by the British before Independence.

Rajeev Suri, a social activist, claimed in his petition that the project’s land use was changed; from “public recreational” to “residential” in some areas. He claimed that it would have an impact on the area that is currently used for public recreation.

Tushar Mehta, the Centre’s Solicitor General, told the court today; that the government is “increasing green area as part of the holistic development.”

In response to the petition, the Supreme Court stated that it is the prerogative of the concerned authorities; to make changes to the development plan, emphasizing that it is a “policy matter.”

The government had argued that the petition was “misconceived” and that the court should dismiss it.

According to the government, the plot in question had been used by the Defense Ministry for years, and the government has decided to increase various public recreation areas in the Central Vista master plan for the greater good of the public.

When India celebrates 75 years of independence next year, the redevelopment project is expected to be completed. As part of the project, several government buildings, including Parliament House and ministry offices, will be rebuilt.

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